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Thursday, 21 June 2018
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Alien Sky Review

After playing KraiSoft's 'Atomaders' a while back I had high epectations for Alien Sky, and those expectations were fully met, if not exceeded. Alien Sky works on the same premise as all other 300 million Galaga/Space Invaders remakes on the market today, you shoot enemies that are flying around above you. Unlike other shooter games, Alien Sky has not simply taken the old formula and added lots of pretty explosions and interesting weapons, instead they produced a game that takes the game play further, rather than the graphics. That said, Alien Sky's graphics are brilliant, reminding me of old school shooter of the early 90s, such as R-Type and Raiden.

Unlike other galaga games, playing Alien Sky is not an adrenaline filled event, more one of skill and patience. You can only have a single shot on the screen at once, this makes killing things a slow, and sometimes tedious process. However it makes aiming important, and this extra challenge makes the game all the more enjoyable. One of the greatest joys that you get from playing Alien Sky, is watching the waves of enemies fly around in their beautiful patterns, and forming up into new ones. You really have to see it to believe how pretty this to watch! Hmm, I just used the word 'pretty' to describe a shooter, I think I must be ill.

Alien Sky is one of those space shooter games that deep down you know is the best thing since sliced cheese, but you find it hard to get too excited about as there isn't that much of a thrill. But these days games are sold purely on thrill, and I think for a game to stand the test of time, it needs deep and enjoyable game play. This one is bound to last for a while.

Score: 8/10
You can find Alien Sky at www.kraisoft.com