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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Realspace 3 Released
Wednesday, 08 August 2007
We've released Realspace 3! Visit the Realspace 3 Page
Mighty Rodent Released
Saturday, 02 September 2006
We've released Mighty Rodent! Visit the Mighty Rodent Page
Desperate Space Released
Sunday, 31 July 2005
Well we've finally released our new game, Desperate Space! I'm very happy with how this game has turned out and I really hope everyone who knows about us likes it. Unlike Xeno Assault, we've tried to inject a little depth and orginality into this game. Instead of just blowing things up you have to rescue stranded ships, and protect your allies. It truly is a fun game, I really hope you like it! Visit the Desperate Space Page
New Website!
Tuesday, 19 July 2005
Wow, here we are again, with another brand new website. This has been the 5th website we've had in less than 2 years! I think now, I have found something that is almost perfect. The previous sites were built in a way that made updating them slow and painful, which is why nothing much seemed to change that often. I am now using an advanced system which will allow me to easily, and quickly add to the site. So, hopefully there will be many more new and interesting things to do here.