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Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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Online gaming has taken the world by storm, from Space games, to Slots, to online shoot em ups, gaming just got a lot more fun


Play Action Shooter - Jets N Guns
About Jagged Blade Software
Jagged Blade Software is new independent game developer, creating, publishing, marketing, and selling our shooter games ourselves. We don't have a huge development budget of millions, we don't have the latest flashy graphics, we don't even have TV, radio, or magazine ads. All we have is the love and respect of customers - And that's all we need!

We are in love with our customers!
Our customers keep this small business alive, without them we are nothing. Due to our small advertising budget, we cannot attract millions of customers, we can only get a handful at best, so the ones we do have, we hold in the very highest regard.

Our customers come First
It's a fact. We need you to keep coming back, so we will fix any problems you have immediately. If there is something stopping you from enjoying our games, we want to know about it.

Our Total Enjoyment Guarantee

Becoming a Jagged Blade Software customer is like joining an elite club in some respects. Once you're in you will receive the highest quality service possible from our team. No waiting weeks for a reply to your email, just a swift response that will 98% time solve your problem instantly.

We Will Fix Your Problem
If there is a problem with one of our games - We will fix it! We will certainly not stop until it is totally ironed out.

Guarantee #1: We will solve your problem in two weeks, if we can't, you get a total refund!

We Want You To Like Our Games
We strive to make sure you absolutely enjoy our games. If the game you paid for isn't quite what you hoped for, you shouldn't lose out.

Guarantee #2: If you email us within 10 days of purchase asking for a refund, you'll get it. You don't even have to give a reason.

We Don't Want You To Lose Out
We know how frustrating it can be to buy a game that you love, only to have it lost, broken or stolen. These kind of accidents happen all of the time and highly annoying.

Guarantee #3: If you lose your copy of any of our games, email us anytime and we will send you a new copy.

We Want to Know If You Are Unhappy
As an entertainment business its our job to make you happy. If you are not happy - Send us an email! Even if its not related to one of our games, let us know. We will try our best to make you happy again, and we will not stop until you are!

Guarantee #4:
We will entertain you, and keep you happy.

This is our promise to you, and we mean to keep it.